Saaol Heart Care
Introduction to SAAOL Nepal Heart Care

SAAOL Nepal is the only center which offers a scientifically guided angiographically proven, non-drug, nonsurgical technique to reverse and cure coronary heart disease. SAAOL Nepal stands for the “Science and Art of Living” and in the Rajasthani language means “Excellence”.

SAAOL Nepal is medically approve program where modern medical treatment is combined with detailed dietary & cooking training, yoga, meditation and a highly scientific selection and sorting of the best of ancient wisdom- practically suitable to the modern life- which makes SAAOL Nepal a step ahead than modern medical sciences alone.

The SAAOL Nepal Heart Program has been developed by Dr. Bimal Chhajer, MBBS, MD (Cardiologist) after 15 years of vigorous research work, most of which has been carried out in the ALL India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. SAAOL Nepal is also supported by Dr.Dean Ornish’s program based in San Francisco, USA.

In the last 14 years not only Saaol has successfully treated 15000 coronary heart patients but also added two more non- invasive non surgical means to solve heart blockages.
These are called Natural Bypass and Biochemical Angioplasty. All these three treatments combined been found very highly effective for treating any blockage patient. Saaol Nepal now has 10 branches spread all over India including Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Delhi(3 Centers).

The Science And Art of Living (SAAOL) was established in 1994 and is the most comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation and reversal program in India. The main purpose of the program is to change the complete lifestyle and reduce the risk of heart disease through diet modification, stress management, exercise, yoga, meditation, education, and counseling. Our primary goal is to foster independence: enabling individuals to self-monitor their activities and to take primary responsibility for healthier lifestyle behaviors and risk factor reduction

God has given thousands of arteries in the heart. The three main coronary arteries give rise to hundred of branches. With growing age these arteries get blocked with cholesterol & other fats leading to angina & heart attack. With the help of ECP machine the collateral arteries can be opened or made broader so that, the deprived heart muscles can get adequate blood supply. Provided with ECG this machine has specialized pressure system which helps in providing more blood to heart muscles synchronously during relaxation of the heart. The treatment is highly scientific, approved by US-FDA.

A mixture of biochemical drugs mainly contain anti-oxidants, EDTA, Vitamins, Isotonoc carrier, PH balancing drugs (all safe for body) in correct dosage are passed through patients vein to obtain softening and gradual removal of blockages in coronary arteries. Already 15000 coronary heart patient have opted these non-invasive and non-surgical means to solve heart problems.