Colon Hydrotherapy

For the first time in Nepal, considering detoxification, colon Irrigation is introduced to cleanse the colon by specially designed equipment.



Colon Hydro Therapy is a process of cleaning the colon i.e., the ascending, transverse and descending colon. As the colon is a harbor for all the toxins and bacteria, all diseases generate form there itself. Hence, the Nature cure system firmly believes that, all diseases started with the un-hygienic condition of the colon and ends with the care of the colon.



Generally, an ordinary enema can cleanse only the last part of the colon called rectum, which is 5 inches long. Whereas, the colon therapy cleanses almost the entire length of large intestine. Human colon, like that of primates is designed as a reservoir for holding the residue of the food taken in but only for a few hours. Thus the residue stagnated for long hours have the potential to ferment and putrefy and produce toxins and ultimately diseases. As the human beings are becoming more and more habituated to eat unnatural, spicy, fatty, fast foods and untimely, under the pretext of the civilized life the rate of formation of toxins in the body has compounded too many folds. Colon which has the noble quality of expelling toxins tiresomely comes under stress and becomes defective in functioning and starts accumulating toxins. It is truly said that the colon is the most abused organ in the body.


Unless these toxins are expelled in time, they are reabsorbed into body and blood and cause AUTO-INTOXICATION which is a fatal malaise. To avert this condition, to avoid different acute and chronic diseases and to maintain hygiene of the colon, colon hydro therapy is needed. The present day faulty life style demands the colon cleaning and is a dire need too.


The large intestine is about 5 to 6 feet long and its function is to absorb the water content of the excreta (stool) and to put into the system after the nutrients are absorbed in the intestine. Thus content of the excreta which content mostly the fiber derived from grains, fruits, vegetables and indigested proteins solidifies and take 16 to 24 hours to pass through the large intestine and search the rectum for the evacuation.


While the colon therapy , water sterilized with ultraviolet rays, filtered for carbon and other particles at three levels is passed deep into the large intestine thought a speculum by the most sophisticated machine, AQVANET EC-2000 TM, with moderate and calibrated pressure as per the tolerance capacity of the patient without any discomfort, while the patient lies on a table. As soon as the patient feels fullness of the abdomen, the water flow is stopped and the water backflows due to peristaltic contraction in colon. The water carrying stagnated excreta with it passes through a visible tube of the colon hydro therapy machine. The patient him/herself can directly observe the quantum of the matter that walks out from the large intestine. This procedure is repeated for several times during 40 minutes of the therapy.

At the end of each colon therapy session, the patient is advised to evacuate the bowels in the toilet, so that the residue is completely expelled out.

Usually three sessions of colon therapy are required to cleanse the entire large intestine thoroughly and are arranged on alternate days or over a period as advised by the Doctor.


Colon therapy has various direct and indirect benefits as it expunges stagnated fecal matter from the system. Toxins, harmful bacteria, parasites, viruses and other poisonous substances are immediately eliminated from the body.

Colon hydro therapy is helpful in many more chronic diseases such as, allergies, amoebiasis, asthma, arthritis, constipation, diabetes, digestive disorders, gastritis, hyper acidity, gas formation, high blood pressure, menstrual disorders, obesity, skin diseases etc.


The general doubt that arises in the minds of many people who undergo the therapy is what happens to the friendly bacteria.

The lacto bacillus acidophilus which is drained away from the colon during the colon hydro therapy?

No doubt, the lacto bacillus acidophilus is a friendly bacteria which resides in a healthy colon. This microbe protects the colon from hostile microbes, destroys them by means of lactic acid.

The general doubt that arises in the minds of many people who undergo the therapy is what happens to the friendly bacteria the lacto bacillus acidophilus which is drained away from the colon during the produces in abundance. But for any reason the lactobacillus decreases, then the hostile germs immediately infiltrate the colon and cause various complications such as constipation , indigestion, gas formation and many more acute and chronic diseases.

Yogurt, the cultured milk encourage the generation of friendly bacteria. One or two cups of yogurt can provide millions of lactobacillus and can take care of the colon from the hostile.


Usually the colon therapy is required three sessions on alter days or as prescribed by the doctor. It is a wise plan to cleanse the colon at least once in six months, so that the colon hygiene is maintained and diseases can be avoided.


  • Have a light meal over the previous night as early as possible and avoid all sorts of foods before 2 hours of the colon therapy;
  • Report half an hour before the time of appointment as you require pre-preparation;
  • Have 1 or 2 glasses of butter milk soon after your return from toilet;
  • After the colon therapy do not eat any sort of solid food for an hour and do not leave the campus immediately, wait for an hour;
  • You may pass 2 or 3 loose motions during the day and may feel little inactive for which you need not worry at all;
  • Your bowel movement may cease for one or two days after colon therapy, do not get bothered;
  • Drink good amount of water for the next two days of colon therapy;
  • Take simple and light diet during the colon therapy treatment;
  • Fix up the appointment for thenext session before you leave the campus.